Monday, June 09, 2008

A Fork In The Trail by Laurie Ann March

Wilderness Press

ISBN: 0899974317

January 2008


Reviewed by Bob Walch

One way to deal with the skyrocketing cost of gas this summer is to take a camping-hiking vacation. If you are planning an outdoor adventure A FORK IN THE TRAIL is certainly a worthwhile read.

Filled with over 200 easy to prepare recipes for meals and treats that will make any outing a memorable one, this book's focus is on showing you how to eat well while enjoying the great outdoors.

While some of the recipes are cooked and dehydrated before the trip, others can be prepared in just a few minutes on site. For example, you can make Lemon Wasabi Hummus in your kitchen at home and then just add boiling water when you are ready to enjoy it while camping.

Besides a wide range of recipes inspired by foods from all over the world, the author also shares tips on menu planning, dehydrating and re-hydrating, packing food, and back country baking.

Laurie March insists that there's no reason why you and your family or friends can't eat well while on the trail. Each of her recipes is broken down into what you need to do "At Home" and "At Camp." Whether it’s the Garbanzo Bean, Tomato, and Thai Chili Salad, the Roasted Eggplant Spread, Pseudo Perogies or Black Forest Brownies, you'll discover there's more to camp fare than trail mix!

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Laurie Ann said...

Hi Bob,

I'm the author of A Fork in the Trail and just wanted to thank you for the lovely review.

Laurie Ann